Food isn’t just about nutritional density. Food is part of something bigger.

It’s about how nature flows and offers us just what we need at the right time of the year.

It’s about travel and celebration. Relationships and culture.

Food is part of your self-identity.

And there's a way to integrate these elements in to an eating pattern that resonates with your body, your health goals, and your lifestyle.

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Hi there! I'm Katheryn, creator of Girl on Bliss.

I'm here to help you integrate your health goals into your chosen lifestyle, create a balanced body, and achieve mental freedom from worrying about your health and weight. 

I'm a writer from Women's Health, HuffPost, Mindbodygreen, and more. 
And, I have a podcast where I interview internationally renowned health experts. 


What I believe


I believe that you can live a life where you're both free of worrying about your weight and you enjoy food.

I believe that there's more to understanding what works for our bodies than just looking at the scientific and nutritional makeups of food.

I believe that intuition is something that needs to be develop with mindfulness, but that once it is, it's reliable and second nature.

I believe that Mother Nature wants us to be healthy and gorgeous, to enjoy what each season has to offer, and to live in harmony with our environment. 

I believe that our lives are not black and white, and therefore we shouldn't be following black and white diet plans. 


My Story


I used to be a 40-pound overweight yoyo dieter. I felt like I had tried everything to lose weight: Weight Watchers, calorie counting, high-protein/low carb diets, lots of salads, and working out the gym for 1-2 hours per day. 

Nothing was working. Or at least, it "worked" temporarily, but all I felt at the end of the day was tired, hungry, and feeling like I'd constantly have to make a choice between being healthy or being social and engaged with life (which always revolved around food!). 

I tried to come up with my own rules, like only eating what I wanted if I had worked out. But even eating in moderation still made me feel guilty.

Everything changed when I moved to Tokyo, and I learned about Food Energetics.


I was living in a land of slim women who were eating rice and noodles, who opted for yoga instead of CrossFit, and who weren't chugging a 2L bottle of water throughout the day.

None of their habits made any sense to me based on the knowledge I found in Western media, but these women were getting the results that I wanted. 

So I studied what they were doing: eastern, holistic concepts. And experimented. And...ate! A lot.

The weight kept falling off. I started to have this soaring energy, where I'd wake up even before my alarm clock. My skin cleared up. And I couldn't help but smile while I'd walk through the streets.

And I thought to myself: Why don't more people know about this?!

I found was that even though a lot of health information is the same both in the Western and Eastern worlds, the approaches, thought process, and perspectives are different. 


For the first time, being healthy and taking care of myself became fun. My focus changed from "blasting fat" to caring about how I wanted to feel, how I wanted to connect with nature, and what special role I wanted food to play in my life. 

And this is what I want for you - to be able to feel comfortable in your body, confident in your communication, clear on what you value, and capable of being healthy and enjoying the pleasures of life.

Sometimes, all it takes is a new perspective.