Tokyo Women's Body Talk

Body Talk is a group for women who want to have meaningful discussions around health, beauty and wellness.
Each wellness topic integrates Japanese and western insight. 

Trying to figure out what works for you can be a lonely task. Now's your chance to gain insight and clarity around how to approach your personal health by learning together and from each other.

Come be part of the community - let's thrive together!


Spring Schedule: February-May 2018

From Mid-February through May, we will be offering 3 personal health/wellness discussion sessions and 3 food workshops.

This season's theme will be around the most popularly requested topic: healthy eating!

We'll explore the difference between eastern and western ways of thinking about health and balance, body image, and some practical nutrition tips you can easily incorporate to enhance your beauty and your mind.

Each topic and workshop will be offered 2-3 times, so please pick the date/time that most suits you. Most workshops are lunch chats, where as workshops are offered daytime and weekend nights.

Upcoming Sessions

Spring Sessions have ended


Summer Schedule

This page will be updated once the Summer schedule is confirmed.
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