Private Health Coaching

Katheryn at a fruit stand

I work one-on-one with motivated individuals who are burnt out from dieting and are ready to cultivate an "eating lifestyle" (that fills them with joy instead of dread!). 

Our sessions will be laser-focused on the topic you need help with, the most.  
Some examples of how I've helped women are:

  • Figuring out the root cause of weight loss issues and what steps to take
  • Getting unstuck by deconstructing what to focus on when there is so much conflicting diet information
  • How to make better transitions that leave you feeling confident instead of anxious
  • Strategizing how to dine out and socialize while trying to change your body

...and more!

Here's how it works 

Coaching packages include 6 total sessions over the course of 3 months (we meet online every other week).

In our first session together, we will do a 90 minute Deep Dive session covering health and lifestyle-related exercises and diagrams to hash out exactly what goals you want to be focusing on during our time, together. 

Each session thereafter will be for 45-minutes to make sure you're on track with your goals. This is the opportunity for accountability, to discuss new topics, evaluate what has been working, and strategize new approaches to what has not been working.

Private coaching also includes answers to questions via email, between our sessions, together, audio recordings for easy reference, and any handouts/documents that are relevant to your health transformation. 

3 Month Package Details & Booking

Both packages include the same service, but with different payment options:

Option 1: Three-Time Payment

1 Deep Dive Session (@90 minutes)
5 Health Coach Sessions (@45 minutes)

Price: Three payments of $180 ($540, total), charged monthly

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Option 2: One-Time Payment (save $50)

1 Deep Dive Session (@90 minutes)
5 Health Coach Sessions (@45 minutes)

Price: One payment of$490

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Not sure if coaching is for you?

Go ahead and schedule a 20 minute chat with me to see if you feel coaching is a fit!