Interview with Macrobiotic Expert & Chef, Patricio Garcia de Paredes

After our lovely interview with Madonna's Chef, Mayumi Nishimura, I received more questions on what macrobiotics is and how to go about making changes to your diet. 

So, I brought on macrobiotic expert and chef, Patricio Garcia de Paredes, to delve into what macrobiotics really is and how you can get started. 

Interview with Patricio Garcia de Paredes

Patricio is seriously the King of making desserts taste amazing with alternative ingredients. He has a knack for using hints of ingredients here and there that give desserts that gourmet taste and texture.

One of my favorite desserts I tried from him was tiramisu with biscotti - I couldn't believe that they had been made without eggs, sugar, or milk products, and the flavor didn't taste "beany" or "cardboardy" like many vegan or "healthy" desserts tend to end up. 

In any case, in this episode you'll learn about how Patricio's mother was sick and despite trying everything she could with modern medicine, she was told that her health would continue to decline. She wound up deciding to embark on a holistic diet and healed herself, and that's what sparked Patricio to get involved with the healing powers of a natural diet. 

You can either listen below, or watch the interview over in our Facebook Group.


Learn more about Patricio

Patricio offers macrobiotic cooking classes in Yoyogi Uehara. Click here to visit his website and see the class offerings.