How Victoria's Secret Angel Models Train, with Personal Trainer Justin Gelband

Have you ever wondered how top models can exercise so much yet get smaller, when you've been hitting the gym and can't seem to shrink your body?

That question stuck on my mind for years - but instead of investigating, I just kept doing the same intense workouts I was doing, only with more intensity for longer periods of time.

Exercise is an Art.
— Justin Gelband

Quick Backstory:

I just assumed that these top models were working harder than I was (and were lucky with better genes), but it never crossed my mind to actually study if there was a reason why their body formed the way it did. 

That all changed when I visited a studio in Tokyo that trained top models, and I learned about concepts like "inner muscle training", micro-movements, and - get this - stretching. What I didn't see were super heavy weights or people panting (more like hyperventilating...) and drenched in sweat like you typically see at bootcamps. 

My body started getting smaller instead of bigger. And it finally occurred to me that maybe my body is actually really sensitive to exercise, and that it's been responding exactly to what I've been doing all along (as opposed to not responding to exercises, at all). And maybe - just maybe - killing myself at the gym was the wrong move(!). 

Curious little me was still in search of answers - I mean, I could see people doing things differently but I didn't quite know why it was working. So on a trip to New York City, I visited Justin Gelband's gym and had an awesome workout and found they were doing a lot of the moves that I had been studying up on. 

Ask yourself: How can I get somewhere if I don’t know who I am?
— Justin Gelband

Enter: Justin Gelband

Justin Gelband is the genius personal trainer to celebrities, including Victoria's Secret Angel Models Miranda Kerr, Candice Swanepoel, Irina Shayk, Martha Hunt, and many, many more. 

I asked Justin to come on to the podcast and explain what type of movements he does with his clients and why these work, so you're stumbling upon a goldmine of info not just on what they do, but why it works. 

What I love about talking with Justin is you can hear how enthusiastic he is about his craft. You can feel that the reason he's gone so far with his career is because of his passion for helping women transform their bodies. 

And now, he's here to share with you how you can create your best body!

Here's what we cover:

The podcast is a 48-minute edited version of Justin's background + frequently asked questions about training. The Win-Win membership version is the full 2-hour conversation shown by video where you can see Justin describe the movements, learn details about exercise equipments and how to figure out how to evaluate your body before choosing exercise, plus answers to questions received from listeners. 

Podcast Version:

  • Justin's history and how he started working with top models
  • The difference between the movements he does with his clients vs what most people do in the gym
  • Justin's favorite diet that he recommends to all his clients
  • How to evaluate if your personal trainer is a good fit
  • How the models train differently before runway shows
  • +much more (check out the timestamps, below)

Win-Win Membership Version:

  • Full 2 hour video of our conversation
  • Questions from Listeners:
  • What kind of equipment do you recommend people use and/or have at home?
  • What's the maximum amount of weight that your clients use, and why?
  • All the Angels have the same body type, how effective is their training for a woman with another body type?
  • I have a busy life and a family to take care of - what should I do if I only have 20 minutes to exercise?
  • Fitness training like HIIT, bootcamps, and pole dancing are becoming more and more popular as great ways to work out. Would you recommend them?
  • What should I do if I'm a beginner?
  • Many of your clients travel for work. What exercises do you recommend we do if we're travelling or can only work out in a hotel room?
  • I'm eating normal portions of good quality foods and am exercising regularly, but my body isn't changing. Why do you think that is?
  • Justin's thoughts about calories and nutrition
  • The worst diet you can do for weight loss while training (you've probably tried it! It can actually make you gain weight, instead)
  • Exercises that Justin really doesn't recommend (you've probably been doing them all!)
  • How many trendy exercises are advertised, vs the truth behind the people in the ads
  • The #1 thing you should research when you're starting to learn about working out. 

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Our bodies change the most when we change the exercise
— Justin Gelband

Podcast Timestamps:

[0:00] How Justin got into personal training, the early years of his career, and how he started working with top models

[20:32] I can feel how passionate you are about training, like it's an art form!

[22:40] I saw a parody online about a guy saying how burpees really train him well for sitting at his desk all day long. What can you tell us about functional training?

[26:00] The #1 diet Justin loves and his clients have been following

[27:00] The kind of warm up Justin has all of his clients do in classes

[29:50] "The smarter the motion, the more resistance, the better for you." Why?

[31:30] How many muscles does the average person train, vs how many muscles there are in the body?

[33:00] How to not have a "leg-butt"

[34:00] What type of exercises do your model clients do compared to what you see people do in the gym?

[35:00] How should women evaluate their own body before going to the gym and evaluate what kind of exercise to do for their goals?

[37:05] The one thing Justin recommends that everyone does no matter your fitness level, body type, age, or goal

[38:17] What to look for in a personal trainer, and how to evaluate that they are suitable for you and have an understanding of what to have you do to reach your specific goals

[39:55] If an underweight person and an overweight person have the same body goal in mind, should they do the same exercise?

[41:09] Which do you think is more important for people to focus on, cardiovascular exercise or strength training?

[41:20] The true meaning behind "strength training"

[44:25] What's the minimum frequency of exercise people should do every week?

[45:16] How long are your workout sessions?

[45:27] Before the Victoria's Secret runway show, what do you have the models doing differently in the weeks leading up?

Want to see the full 2-hour interview?

The Win-Win membership version is the full 2-hour conversation shown by video where you can see Justin describe the movements, learn details about exercise equipments and how to figure out how to evaluate your body before choosing exercise, plus answers to questions received from listeners.

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Links to learn more about Justin & his method

Come follow Justin on Instagram where you can find links to articles and videos of his method. 

Living in Japan? Check out Justin's workout DVDs (ideal for the asian body type) called モデルフィットダイエット which is sold here, on Amazon.

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