How to Overcome Depression & Improve Your Sleep Cycles with Verilux Happy Lights

Back when I was at my heaviest weight, I was incredibly down. I don't like to use the word "depressed" because I thought that "depressed" was a word you use to describe someone who has lost their job and their family and is feeling dark - someone who has a reason to feel down.

In my case, I was getting a great education, I had wonderful friends, a great relationship with my family....I really didn't understand why I was feeling so crummy and it made me feel even more guilty for not feeling grateful. 

All of that changed when I heard of the Happy Light.

Overcome Depression with Light Therapy

A school counselor said to me, "Katheryn, maybe the reason why you're feeling so down is just a case of the Winter Blues". Since I'm from Florida, I thought that the "winter blues" was just an expression. I didn't think there was an actual condition of feeling depressed from lack of sunlight, more commonly known as Seasonal Affective Disorder.

Once I started using the Happy Light - a light that you can set to slowly get brighter in the morning to mimic the rising sun - I instantly felt more energized and positive on a day to day basis. 

And the reason why this happens is because of a chemical in our brains called "Serotonin", which takes care of three super important things: quality of sleep, elevated mood, and appetite control. 

If you have been feeling down, definitely check out this interview with Charlotte Addison of Verilux, the company that makes an assortment of Happy Lights for light therapy. 

They're so amazing - you can use them in conjunction with your alarm clock, set it on your desk, or just use it as a general light in your space on a daily basis to give you that extra dose of light your body needs to keep your body chemistry in balance. 

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[1:27] Tell us a bit about Verilux

[2:20] My personal story about depression, SAD, weight gain, and the Happy Light

[6:20] Tell us how our lifestyles get in the way of how our body responds to light

[8:52] What is Seasonal Affective Disorder?

[10:46] What are some symptoms that people feel when they aren't getting enough light exposure?

[13:40] What happens to our body chemistry when we don't have enough light?

[15:30] Our lifestyles are such that we wake up with alarm clocks before our bodies are ready. How can light therapy can help us wake up and feel energized?

[16:20] What are the benefits of serotonin and other neurotransmitters? How is light a natural anti-depressant?

[17:15] How does light therapy work?

[19:25] What are the different kinds of lights that Verilux provides?

[22:00] How is light therapy like another form of self-care?

[23:30] Can you use light therapy even if you live in an area that is sunny all year long?

[24:00] How can we learn more about Verilux and the different kinds of lights (link is also below!)?


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