Exclusive Interview with Law of Attraction Guru, Susan Ferraro

Have you ever felt so positive about your health goals and excited to start a new health journey, but deep down, doubted that your goals could really happen?

We spend a lot of time thinking about "being positive", but sometimes the way to get our beliefs in alignment with our biggest health dreams is about taking a second to reflect on why we feel the way we do, and understand how to clear those thoughts to help us move forward. 

If you think about it, the only way we can really move forward is to identify what is holding us back. Most people can feel that something is not quite right in their gut, but they don't take a second to pause and identify the source of the issue. This is a great way to ignore what your body is trying to tell you and to try and force yourself into a pattern you feel uncomfortable, with. 

So, let's delve into what we can do to change those subconscious beliefs. Or, more accurately, let our subconscious beliefs lead us to the answers. 

Interview with Susan Ferraro

You're going to LOVE this interview with Law of Attraction guru, Susan Ferraro. I had heard of the Law of Attraction many years ago and was fascinated by the concept, but it seemed almost too good to be true. Plus, I wasn't really sure how to go about practicing it in a way that didn't feel awkward or corny. 

The reason why Susan is so amazing is because she actually breaks down the Law of Attraction into 6 simple steps that we can use and repeat in different situations in our lives. Having a road map is really what gives us the opportunity to make this amazing tool of Law of Attraction, work.

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There’s always a payoff for staying where we are
— Susan Ferraro

Time Stamps

[0:44] Tell us about your transition from a successful fashion designer to a mindset coach

[4:10] You had the ultimate Instagram lifestyle. How did you get comfortable leaving that industry when it seemed on the surface like everything you wanted?

[6:10] For those hearing about it for the first time, what is the Law of Attraction?

[7:14] What are some common misconceptions about the Law of Attraction?

[8:14] I heard you mention before that "Wanting is a form of resistance". Can you explain this?

[11:14] How can we transition from thinking things need to be hard vs doing what is easy + effective?

[15:10] Many listeners have a fear of failing on their diets. The root is because they have high expectations for themselves. How should they measure their transformation?

[16:25] People feel that they need steps in order to make their goals work. How do the let go of that need?

[19:35] There are so many distractions in the media telling you what to do. How can people filter out distractions and listen to their bodies?

[25:31] How can people break through their doubts and fears?

[27:30] What is visualization and what are some tools people can use to get clear on what they want?

[31:30] The power of saying what you want, out loud

[32:30] How to make sure that what you want is what you're visualizing

[34:30] It's awkward saying your desires in the present tense, because it's hard to believe present tense statements. What should we do, instead?

[36:00] Do you ever feel like you're having deja-vu?

[37:05] How long do you think people allow time to manifest?

[38:00] Share with us your 6 steps to practicing the Law of Attraction

[39:15] How can you pinpoint the reason behind your doubt and resistance?

[42:00] Some beliefs aren't super deep, but they stem from the same source.

[43:10] Do you think that reliving old memories is necessary in order to move forward?

[44:10] It's amazing how our bodies remember things even though we have forgotten about situations. 

[45:10] People don't think that what they feel is "that bad". But it's real. How can we allow ourselves to acknowledge even small discomforts?

[46:35] Let's go on to step 3 in the process.

[48:45] Intention is 3 fold. Here's the components

[50:00] How often do you practice visualization?

[52:40] Let's move on to step 4: Believing it

[55:05] How can we become what we want?

[58:35] What's the last step to this system?

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You can visit Susan's main website at Susanf.com

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