Orientation for Yokosuka Base Residents 

Since moving to Japan, have you walked in to a grocery store and wondered, "Uhh...which one is the milk I want?"

Perhaps you've been struggling to read food labels, aren't sure which soy sauce to pick in the sea of bottles with brown liquid, were curious about some vegetables and products you've never seen before, or are dying to have more fresh fruit and veggies if they weren't so expensive (and you actually knew what they were and how to use them!).

Hi! I'm Katheryn, a wellness facilitator and writer for Women's Health. In this orientation, let me ease the overwhelm and help you integrate your life to Japan!

Katheryn Gronauer

Here's what we'll cover:

The workshop includes a guidebook to reference during and after the workshop, and a translation card that easily fits into your wallet for deciphering food labels and menus.

Info Session

Health Workshop in Tokyo
  • The 8 places where you can purchase foods in Japan and how they each operate
  • Identifying which products to use for ingredients you're familiar with (i.e. flour, oils, sugar, etc.)  
  • The 7 core ingredients used in Japanese cooking, and what order to use them in
  • The 3 kinds of seating styles in Japanese restaurants
  • Etiquette and tips for dining out in Japan

Grocery store tour

  • What a typical layout is for Japanese grocery stores
  • What price ranges are "normal"
  • Overview of vegetables and products unfamiliar to you
  • How to identify package dates on meats
  • Q&A: ask about products and produce you're unsure about - let me help you buy your food


Sessions take place in the morning or the afternoon on base.


9:15am Arrive
9:30~11:00: Info Session
11:15~12:00 Grocery store tour


Time: Around 3 hours
Price: $97



1:45pm Arrive
2:00~3:30: Info Session
3:45~4:30 Grocery store tour

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