Get Your Food to Work for You

Go from blindly following random diets that don’t work, to owning the one that resonates with your lifestyle, in 5 simple steps. 

Girl on Bliss

Have you ever wondered how some women can eat 2 bites of cake and stop without wanting more, where as you feel compelled to eat the whole thing?

Do you ever feel like you know way more health info than your slim friends, but you're the one who can't seem to make the pieces work?

Have you wanted to get healthy, but you aren't sure that saying no to every birthday party for the sake of avoiding tempting cake is the way you want to do it?


FOODBOSS is a well-rounded program designed to put you in the drivers seat of your eating lifestyle.


Most people who are trying to lose weight only focus on nutrients and exercise. Like you're trying to find a plan that has food that you kinda-sorta like, and a workout plan that you can squeeze into your busy schedule. 

But FOODBOSS is different. We cover 5 core topics every dieter needs to find an eating lifestyle that resonates, and those are:

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Mindset: "Mindset" is not about having a positive, clear goal. You're already 100% sure that you want to feel and look better.

"Mindset" is about finding out if you have any preconditioned thoughts that are holding you back from seeing opportunities that'll change your health with ease. 

Function: We'll cover not only how the body functions with digestion, but how you can find out what your unique body needs. It's important to know more about what you need as opposed to what works in general for other people. 

Food Energetics: Everything in nature operates in cycles, and your body is directly influenced by that. Learn how to harmonize your body with nature and weight balance will happen, naturally.

Habits: Having ice cream when you're surrounded by love and laughter is healthy. Having ice cream while hiding in the closet and crying, is not. Let's differentiate what habits are serving you and what are not - no need to change them all!

Communication: One of the biggest reasons people "fall off the bandwagon" is because they don't know how to communicate what they want when they're in social situations. They feel obligated to eat whatever is offered, nervous for asking for alternatives, etc. Let's get you confident so you can make the best choices for your body, no matter the situation!

FOODBOSS Testimonials

Do you really want to spend more time researching and trying random ideas that don't fit with how you want to live your life?


I know you've tried a lot of diets and probably are wondering how FOODBOSS™ could possibly be different. If nothing else has worked, then why would this work, this time?

Here's why: the only way you can find an eating lifestyle that makes sense to you is if you actually ask yourself what feels right while you follow a roadmap that helps you figure that out. And FOODBOSS™ puts the confidence back in your court.

What you get when you enroll


Your Instructor

Hi there! I'm Katheryn. I'm a certified integrative health coach with a background in macrobiotics.

I'm a former yoyo dieter who lost 40 pounds and haven't had any issues in the last 7 years. One of the coolest things about my background as a health coach is that I've lived in both the US and in Japan, and I can see clearly how the implementation and approach you make is the determining factor in your success - not necessarily more diet information.  

My mission is to educate you on alternative, simpler ways to not only lose weight, but build confidence in your food choices and turn your greatest intentions into lifelong joy. 

Refund Policy

I'm confident that this program will give you an entirely new perspective on how to find the eating lifestyle that resonates with you!
However, if you're unsatisfied for any reason, I offer a 10-Day Money Back Guarantee. This allows you access to the first 3 out of the 5 modules. No refunds are permitted after 10 days of purchase.