Food Energetics Free Course


Ready to improve your weight, energy, and confidence with Food Energetics?

Food Energetics with Katheryn

In this free course, I’ll email you 1 lesson per day for 7 days. Here’s what we’ll cover:

  1. Food Energetics intro + Cycles
  2. Moon & Hormones
  3. Sun & Sleep Cycles
  4. Digestion & Morning Drink
  5. Digestion & Bacteria
  6. Circulation & Hydration Misconceptions
  7. Lymph & Dry Brushing



What's Food Energetics?

Let me give you a quick quiz: 

  • Which is going to make you feel warm and relaxed: a tropical smoothie, or a root vegetable stew? The stew, right?
  • Which option do you think is more likely to make you feel alert, focused, and ready to move around: a banana, or steak? The banana, right?
  • Which is more important: Eating an imported vegetable that’s considered a “super food”, or a local vegetable that can actually grow in your environment? The local vegetable! (Bet you didn’t think of that one…)

See? You already intuitively know the answers, because you can feel it. Your body knows what it needs to be in balance, and it's time to get in tune.

Food Energetics is the study of how foods affect your body based on how it grows. Everything in nature operates in cycles, and your body is directly affected by these cycles!

If we can start aligning our intuition and food choices with cycles in nature, our health will balance itself out. 

That means weight balance, clear energy, and glowing skin for you!


"Everyone Needs to Hear This"

Before Katheryn imparted her hard-earned wisdom to me, I thought I "got it". I thought I knew a lot about food and nutrition and "good foods vs. bad foods"... but it didn't FEEL good. Now, I feel empowered to make food choices that feel awesome to me (without feeling like I "can't" eat something I want), which minimizes my overall stress levels. ✨ 

As someone who has always had a level of dis-ease [lack of ease or harmony within the body] related to food, this new understanding of food is radically shifting how I feel about myself and the ramifications of the choices I make. If you're still struggling to reach a relationship with food that feels GOOD, I urge you to check out Katheryn's resources on Girl on Bliss. I'm so glad I did. -Ellen

"Katheryn Changed my Diet Beliefs"

I am at my lowest weight in the last 3 years! I had been struggling, losing 1-2kgs and then gaining it back despite going to crossfit and spin classes and eating 5 small meals a day.