Food Energetics Basics: Your perfect diet in 4 Simple Steps

Balance your weight, energy, and confidence with cycles in nature

Food Energetics Basics shows you in 4 simple steps how to find your perfect diet by following cycles in nature.
Because the only diet that matters is the one that works for you.

Can you relate?


Your weight loss efforts seem to follow this pattern:

  1. You're confused by all of the conflicting diet information in the media
  2. You find a meal and workout plan you think you can do and get all excited dreaming about the results
  3. You spend so much time and energy in your job serving others that by the time you get home, you feel like you deserve to have what you want
  4. You get frustrated that you "fell off the bandwagon" and start researching what new plan you'll start on Monday


Here's the problem

The main source of this vicious cycle is between Part 1 (Not knowing what to do/information overload) and Part 2 (doing something too strict without understanding what your body needs).

If you don't hone in on this now, you'll:

  • Never know what your body responds well to
  • Never know what's holding you back (even if it's considered "healthy")
  • Always feel like willpower is the issue (it's not)
  • Continue the vicious cycle

That sounds like a big waste of time, and you never get anywhere!

Here's how it works

Food Energetics is the study of how foods affect your body based on how it grows in nature.

And that might sound a bit woo-woo, but it's based off of Eastern nutrition and it's way more intuitive to follow than trying to measure/count/weight all that diet-science mumbo-jumbo.

Did you know?

Whenever you've looked up "best diet for skin" or "best diet for weight loss" or "best diet for energy", the answer are always the same: eat good quality foods, get good quality sleep, and make sure you have great circulation (aka move around). 

So instead of thinking of all of the food and mechanisms separately, we want to focus on getting those three cycles in tune: digestive cycle, sleep cycle, and circulation. If you regulate your cycles according to the course of the day, your skin will glow, your body weight will balance out, and you'll have more energy. 

It's time to find what works for you

Instead of wondering what to eat, I'm going to teach you how to think according to what your body needs at different times throughout to day to rebalance these cycles.

Because if you know the aim of what kinds of foods you should be choosing for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, you're going to have a lot more flexibility with your food options (no matter how crazy your schedule), and you'll be able to select foods based on your tastes. 

In other words, you're making decisions based on your needs, in alignment with what makes most sense with nature. How cool is that?

What you get when you enroll

Here's what we'll cover:

Step 1

Food Energetics Introduction and a look at the "Big Picture" of how to think in the morning, midday, and evening
Self-Evaluation to find out where you are now, and see where tweaks can be made

Step 2

What foods you can add in to your diet according to what's going to rebalance your body the best
Add: Start adding in a variety of foods according to Food Energetics

Step 3

What ingredients you can replace some foods with so you keep your indulgences while still synching your cycles
Replace: Start finding alternative ingredients you can use for your favorite indulgences

Step 4

What foods you can remove that are holding you back from progress (it's not what you think!)
Remove: Start filtering out the foods that aren't serving you

Food Energetics Basics
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Why is this better?

I know you've tried so many different kinds of diets to the point where you grow more and more skeptical with each new one.

But here's the thing: most people try to start dieting by cutting out their favorite indulgences. Why start with the foods you dream of the most, when you can get healthy by making simple tweaks to the meals you feel indifferent about? 

We'll go through your current diet and I'll show you how you can make simple adjustments, starting with the easier parts, first. 

Because Food Energetics Basics is about working smarter. Not harder.

Your Instructor


Hi there! I'm Katheryn. I'm a certified integrative health coach with a background in food energetics.

I'm a former yoyo dieter who lost 40 pounds and haven't had any issues in the last 7 years. I used to try all of these random diets and couldn't understand why none of them worked. Every time I tried something new and failed, I was led to believe that something was wrong with my body. 

But that all changed when I came across Food Energetics, a more comprehensive way to balance our bodies based on cycles in Nature. Because our bodies are designed to know how to be in balance, and it's up to us to listen to it.

My mission is to educate you on alternative, simpler ways to not only lose weight, but build confidence in your food choices and turn your greatest intentions into lifelong joy! 

Frequently Asked Questions

i'm already trying to lose weight through another method. can i start this at any time, or should i wait?

Food Energetics Basics is conceptual and will help you find the eating lifestyle that works for you. You can do it in conjunction with whatever diet you're currently doing, and it will give you insight as to how you want to proceed with your eating lifestyle moving forward. 

When do I get access to this course, and for how long?

You get access to all of the material, as soon as you enroll. You'll have lifetime access to the course!

What is your refund policy on this course?

You have 7 days to request a refund from your date of purchase. No refunds will be permitted, thereafter.