Confessions of a Yo-yo Dieter - Book Excerpt

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Katheryn Gronauer - Back Fat Cartoon

The day I knew my weight had gotten out of hand was when I discovered that my two back fat rolls were bigger than my boobs. 

My bra straps cut so deep into those rolls that for a split second, I considered wearing my bra on backwards. It was my back that needed the lift, after all. 

Even though I was mortified at how wardrobe malfunctions seemed to relate to my body weight being distributed in the wrong places and not the wardrobe itself, my rock bottom moment was yet to come…

Hitting rock bottom

On a dreary winter day in Connecticut, I sank onto my dorm room bed holding an empty tray of peanut butter brownies and cried.

Ugly cried.

Crumbs clung to the corners of my lips and shirt, evidence of the brownies that were, and my stomach couldn’t hold one more.

What was wrong with me?

I had planned to leave the freshly baked brownies in the boarding school common room to share with others in the dorm, saving just a piece for myself. As guilty as I felt about hogging the tray and eating the whole thing, deep down I knew that if my stomach was bigger, I would have kept eating. 

Katheryn Gronauer - Diet only works when on it

The first time I had gone on an official diet was when I was 14. I had visited the doctor for an annual check-up and found out that I weighed more than the highest weight that was considered healthy for my height. Like most Americans who find themselves in that position, I went to Weight Watchers and started monitoring my food portions by counting Points. And it worked. 

That is it worked as long as I was on it. The second I stopped counting points, the weight would creep back on. It wasn’t a fast gain. Just a bite of something here, a treat there that accumulated over time. From that point on, I labeled myself as someone who would have to monitor her eating habits constantly. I didn’t trust that I wouldn’t overdo it without some kind of system. 

On that dorm room day, when I sat and cried over the empty tray of brownies, I felt like all the years of keeping my eating habits in check had spun out of control. 

The system was broken.

Katheryn Gronauer - Waiter Cartoon

Most people describe a rock-bottom moment in a way that makes me imagine being stuck in a deep hole where you’re not sure how you can climb back out. In my case, this moment felt more like an elastic band that snapped from being overstretched; I had pushed the boundaries of bingeing to the point where I had stumbled over a line into a territory where my eating habits were so out of control that I wasn’t even sure if it was possible to bounce back. 

And that scared me more than any diet. 

I knew something was wrong. I knew something had to change. It would take several more years before I figured out what that was. And yet, I still set to work.

Oh my, I'm feeling so vulnerable that you just read that! Can't wait for you to hear how I turned it all around, and how you can create a fun life with food. Make sure you leave your deets below and I'll notify you when Confessions of a Yo-yo Dieter debuts!