Why it's Easier to Lose Weight with a Macrobiotic Diet and Lifestyle


Oh my goodness I'm so excited you're reading this. Because macrobiotics impacted my life so much, I became a health coach!

So, what is Macrobiotics, anyway?

It's about living and eating in a way that's in harmony with nature. That probably sounds a bit vague, so I'll keep going:

Western and Modern ways of looking at health all focus on science. Proteins, Carbs, Calories, Fats. There's a lot of health information that gets circulated telling you that you have to count and measure. And somehow, dieting becomes one huge math problem.

But, shouldn't it be easier than that? Shouldn't we just be able to eat and feel happy with our weight and comfortable in our bodies, without having to monitor ourselves all day, every day?

A Missing Chunk of Information in Modern Diets

One huge thing that western and modern diets overlook is how our bodies acclimate to our climate. Foods that grow in warm climates cool us off, and foods that grow in cold climates help us stay warm.

So, you can go to a health food cafe and get a smoothie that has ten bajillion ingredients in it that are a mix of fruits and veggies from different climates. Think bananas and superfoods from the equator plus beets and apples from temperate climates.

Whenever you're eating foods that are out of season, you're adding more stress to your body. Because your body has to compensate to stay comfortable in your environment. And while I'm not saying that you'll gain weight by eating foods that are out of season, I am saying that it could be more difficult for you to lose weight in a way that feels comfortable.

Weight Loss vs Feeling Comfortable

And even if you lose weight simply by calculating all of your nutritional needs, that doesn't mean you feel great all of the time. I know plenty of people who have done a raw food diet and felt amazing, but as time went on they started to feel a bit woozy and lethargic.

And it can be really tough to go back to eating foods that bring balance to your life when you've developed a mindset that whatever you had been doing that caused weight loss is "the answer" to your dietary needs.

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So if you think about it, there are really two ways of looking at weight loss: Losing weight by any means, and losing weight in a way that feels comfortable and "right" with your soul. And the comfortable way is what you can get with macrobiotics.

Have you ever felt uncomfortable with your method of losing weight, even if you've seen results? Tell me in the comments :)