What I Ate: Then, During, and Now

There are plenty of nutritionists out there willing to show off how perfect their diets are. Before I lost 40 pounds, I often found these reminders of "healthy foods" to be incredibly discouraging. In my mind, I knew what I had to do but I just couldn't seem to get my body to cooperate from my plan to look hot--gosh, what was it's problem!? So today, I want to share with you what I ate when I was overweight, what I ate to heal, and what I eat today --- they are all different!

First, the final goal to health for me was not to have the perfect diet. I wanted to be able to eat what I want and still look hot. And feel good. And enjoy my time with loved ones. Is that so much to ask!?

When I weighed 40 pounds more than I do now, I had a typical American style diet.

I had: Breakfast: bagel with milk tea for breakfast, Lunch: a sandwich with juice Snack: my beloved chocolate chip cookies Dinner: some kind of meat with potatoes or pasta for dinner.

I had a few years of being in a stressful environment which lead me to emotional eating, so you can add a lot of tasty fresh scones from the nearby bakery to that list.

Then, I stumbled upon Macrobiotics, which changed everything about how I thought about food. 

It was the first time that I wasn't consumed with all the scientific information about food like protein and carbs and calories. Instead, I was able to think about food at face value: texture, taste, season, food energetics, etc. This was the first diet I was truly excited to try! Macrobiotic Meals: Breakfast:  either a carrot & apple juice until I felt hungry around lunch time, or some oatmeal to get my day started. Lunch:  bean patty with brown rice, cooked veggies, and pickles

veggie patty with brown rice

Dinner: a stew like this curry with brown rice and pickles bean curry with brown rice I did macrobiotics for a couple of years, but it only took a good 3 months for my body to reset. The remaining time that I was on the diet was for my own pleasure--I really loved this way of eating!

Now, my diet is more flexible. 

Breakfast: greek yogurt with fruit and nuts, or a smoothie.

Lunch: I had a chicken patty with lots of veggies and miso soup for digestion

Chicken patty with veggies, rice, and miso soup

Then, my friend came over with this amazing blueberry tart Blueberry Tart And dinner was a get-together with family for roasted steak with cooked veggies. Steak with veggies

Healthy eating is simply a means to rebalancing your body, and once you have strengthened your system, your body has a voice stronger than that devil on your shoulder. And what's even better is that your body starts to crave the foods that make it healthy, and the junk food you used to adore loses it's appeal. It's like that bittersweet moment when you reunite with an old friend but realize that you've grown apart.

I still use Macrobiotic principles to approach my food lifestyle when I am out of balance--but I don't w orry about it at all on a daily basis. It is just a great tool to have under your belt, because on those days when "life" happens and I feel I need to rebalance, I know exactly what to do. That, to me, is what health is all about --- knowing how to both enjoy and to take care of myself.

What is your overall goal? Share in the comments!