The #1 Misconception about Willpower

This is part 2 of the 3 part series on Strength and Willpower. In it, we cover:

  1. Does strength mean perseverance, or withdrawal?
  2. The #1 Misconception about Willpower
  3. How it's possible to lose weight without any willpower

In part 1, I shared with you my story of leaving my job, and how it took more strength to make a decision that was in my favor than strength to stay.

So today, let's talk about another form of strength: willpower.

The #1 Misconception about Willpower

Have you ever felt like the only way to stick to your health goals is to have more willpower?

I used to think this all the time. I needed willpower to get to the gym despite being crazy tired. I needed willpower to say no to desserts. I needed willpower to go out with my friends and not be tempted by the foods that they were having.

But the thing is, the goal is not to have more willpower.

Do you really want to be caught up day in and day out about how you have to do something that you don't really want to do for the sake of reaching a goal you aren't sure feels right based on what you're doing?

Willpower isn't the goal. The goal is for everything to be second nature.

It's easy to exercise when you don't have a crazy work schedule. It's easy to pick up healthy foods if you live next to a health food store than a fast food restaurant. It's easy to avoid stress bingeing when you're not stressed.

So the question is not "how can I have more willpower". The question is "how can I set up my lifestyle in a way where health comes easy"?

What are some ways that you can think of?

Leave a comment, and then continue on to part 3: How it's possible to lose weight without any willpower.