Morning Drinks to Wake Up Your Body and Set Your Day for Success

Do you ever wake up in the morning feeling heavy, groggy, and like half of your dinner from the night before is still undigested? Is the first thing on your mind to grab some coffee? 

Waking up that way is probably the easiest way to have negative thoughts about your body from the moment you open your eyes. The last thing you want is to start off your day feeling frumpy!

Let's talk about morning drinks and how they can help you wake up your body and set your day for success. 

First off, the morning hours are when your body does two things: 

  1. Cleanses, and
  2. Starts your digestive system 

That means you want to have a morning drink that is going to take care of both. Let me explain.

Cleansing Time

In eastern ways of looking at health, the morning is referred to as the cleansing stage, which means your body is getting rid of wastes. This means you want to have a bowel movement and also put something into your body that is going to help with the cleansing. Something hydrating and also that cleanses the liver

I like to imagine that it's like cleaning my house in the morning - making sure that everything is fresh and ready for a new day. 

Wake up your digestive system

The second thing you want to think about in the morning is starting up your digestive system. In eastern nutrition, we call this "lighting the fire". The "fire" refers to your metabolism. Let me explain further:

Let's say you wanted to grill some meat. Would it grill more efficiently if you make a fire first and then put the meat on it? Or, would it grill more efficiently if you put the meat on the grill and then made a fire? 

Yep, the first option! Make the fire first, then grill.

It's the same thing with your body. Having a morning drink can stimulate your digestive system to turn on, which means it's warming up your body to take in foods throughout the rest of the day, and efficiently. If you put food into your body before you're hungry, it can be more challenging for your body to digest.

A lot of people I meet don't really crave breakfast. And that's okay! You want to have breakfast when you're hungry. The only downside to this is if you get hungry around 10-11am but aren't allowed to eat anything until later because of your work schedule. But, that's another topic for another article :) 

At the same time, I do meet people who crave breakfast, and these are usually the people who wake up and have a bowel movement relatively quickly. Their bodies are already ready to take in food.

Morning Drinks to give a try

Anyways, going back to Morning Drinks, here is a list of ones that you can try that will both cleanse your body and start your digestive system:

  • Warm Lemon Water
  • Infused Water
  • Herbal Tea
  • Water with Apple Cider Vinegar
  • Enzyme Drink

If you've been drinking water only, then that's alright...but it's not really hitting the bill for stimulating your digestive juices.

And if you've been having caffeine, well, then you're dehydrating your body instead of hydrating it (yes, caffeine is dehydrating - even though you're drinking liquid!).

Key Point:

Make sure that you have your drink either room temperature or warm.

You don't want to have cold drinks because it's pretty shocking to your digestive system. The best way to encourage a great start to your flow in the morning is to make sure your drink temperature isn't cold.

I know this might sound a bit too simple, but every healthy radiant women I've met in the industry starts her morning this way, and you can do it, too! Start with the easiest stuff, first, and you'll already make big strides with your health.