How to Reset Your Body After Overindulging

Most women I talk to say they're put into situations where they can't completely be healthy. That could range from anything like working an event, traveling for business, or even just simply trying to wine and dine clients. 

And, every person has a different food in mind when they think of the word "overindulge". Some immediately think of chocolate, others think of fried food, and some gals imagine wine. 

Whatever the case, you're feeling blah and you need a revamp, pronto.

So, here are 3 things you need to consider for resetting your body after overindulging.

1) No need to do a crazy detox

First thing's first: Your body already detoxes, naturally. 

Yep, your organs are all designed to digest foods and get rid of what it doesn't need, while utilizing what it does need. 

So instead of looking for some crazy detox like fasting, a juice cleanse, or a fad diet, all you have to do is eat foods that support your natural organ system (and avoid ones that will add more stress). 

2) Focus on Eating Foods that Cause "Less Stress"

"Stress" on the digestive system means that the food takes either

a) takes way too long to digest, or
b) enters the blood stream very rapidly.  

If you take a look at the Food Energetics chart, you'll see that extreme yin and extreme yang foods are considered high-stress. All you gotta do when you're resetting your body is to have foods that are closer to the middle of the chart. 

3) But what about cravings?

Probably one of the toughest things about doing a body reset is that you're likely to have cravings.

I mean, on one hand you feel pretty gross on the inside so you don't like the idea of putting more harsh stuff in your system, but on the other hand you've eaten enough bad things to cause you to want to crave it during the reset. 

The good news is that all you have to do is try to opt for ingredients that are closer to the center of the chart, instead of further away. No need to do anything dramatic (though you might need a little longer to reap the benefits).

Personally, I think small adjustments over time are way easier than making a jump. 

What have you tried to do to reset your body? Leave a comment!