How to Make Time for Self-Care

When I say the words "self-care", what do you imagine? Sitting in a bubble bath? Getting your nails done? Sitting in lotus position at a yoga class?

I used to think of self-care as some kind of luxury for people with more money, time, and well...status. And that was because the image I had of self-care was of spending a day at the spa. 

Eating healthy and exercising? Umm...nah, I wouldn't have associated those with self-care. Because self-care to me felt like it should be about de-stressing and being placed in an environment that supports beauty. 

So, let's define what the heck "self-care" means in this situation, before we continue on.

self care busy schedule

Self-care is about making things easier for yourself.

It's about how you do things in a way that supports your health - both mind and body. 
It's about communicating in a way that doesn't sacrifice your energy or your goals. 

So when we say we need to "make time" for our self-care, what we need to be doing is actually focus on split second decisions, rather than chunks of time to do activities (like working out). 

How can you possibly make time for yourself when you have so many responsibilities? You're waking up early, preparing for your work day even before you make it to the office, maybe you've got lunch and dinner can you possibly fit it all in?

When our lives are so busy, we feel like we can't make time for anything. But it's not really about adding something more to your schedule. It's actually about changing how you do things.

Self-care can also be about the choices you make in the moment, like what foods you choose, how you eat, how you communicate, whether or not you take a minute to gather your thoughts before doing something....any "in the moment" decision you make to make your life easier and your health more vibrant.