How to grow pimples

I did a bit of travel a week ago and when I arrived at my final destination, I found a few beautiful fresh pimples on my face to greet me in the mirror. Kind of looked like white sesame seeds stuck to my face. Joy.
There's plenty of information on skin care and what to do to take care of acne and other skin conditions after they pop up. But there's not so much on how they originate in the first place.
Maybe you have heard that pimples or acne is a result of a hormone imbalance and have reluctantly accepted your feat, thinking that you'll have to continue on with a skin issue.
But instead of focusing on what to do after one pops up, let's look into why they could be originating.
Here's what I did to grow my pimples:
1) I ate foods that my body is sensitive to, specifically wheat and dairy.
I did a food intolerance test and those two were high on my list. But when you travel to Europe where they are staple foods, it was hard to avoid. I admit that there were some moments when I could have chosen other options but decided not to (wild berry yogurt was something I fell in love with years before I did my intolerance test and didn't want to pass on when I found some!).
2) I had processed foods.
I honestly can't remember the last time I had packaged/processed foods other than airplane food, but for this trip, there were a couple of days when my only choice was to eat processed foods or wait 4-7 hours until the next meal opportunity with no guarantee of better food quality. And, of course, I also had plenty of airplane food (I took 4 flights and still have a couple more coming up).
3) I didn't get regular sleep.
This wasn't intentional. I had some heavy jet lag so I wound up taking random naps throughout the day and woke up around 5am on some days. Also had really light sleep on the airplanes (12 hour flights).
Here's what you should look into:
If these 3 points are part of your regular daily routine and you are worried about your skin, then they'll be the first ones you want to address before you start purchasing more expensive or strong treatments.
Food quality is more important than counting calories - if you're eating processed foods, foods you are intolerant to, and if you're not sleeping on a regular schedule, then start seeing how you can make adjustments and your face will show a happy glow when you look in the mirror!