How to Clear Subconscious Doubts About Reaching Your Health Goals

This is part 2 of the 4 part series on Mindset:
1) 3 Ways to align your subconscious with your greatest intentions
2) How to clear subconscious doubts about reaching your health goals
3) Fears you never knew you had about getting healthy and losing weight
4) 3 clues to overcome overwhelm about what health information applies to you
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In the first post, here, I brought up how one of the biggest challenges about making your health goals a reality is believing you can, in your subconscious/soul.

Have you ever thought to yourself, "I can do it!" but then felt this inner twinge of doubt or resistance?

how to clear subconscious doubts about reaching your goals

Most people can think positively with their brains, but the issues we usually face stem around:

  1. Doubt (that your body can change despite past diets not working)

  2. Fears (Is the weight protecting you from something? Will you feel "exposed" if you start getting attention about your body?)

  3. Information Clarity (having confidence that the method you're choosing is the right one for you)

So, let's talk about how to clear up the first one: doubt.

If you want to change up how you're feeling deep down into your subconscious, you have to do two things:

  1. Question the doubt - "Why do you think that?" "Is this true?"

  2. Provide evidence to disprove the doubt

Why does this work?

Because if you can disprove every doubt that comes to your mind, then before you know it, your subconscious/soul is going to believe that you really can meet your goals. Because it doesn't believe any of those doubts, anymore.

So, let me give you an example. (S=Subconscious, Y=You)

[S] I can't lose weight because I tried everything
[Y] Have you really tried everything?
[S] Well, no, but I've tried what should work like calorie counting and it hasn't. My body is just different.
[Y] Is your body really that different from everyone else?
[S] I guess not...I have the same parts and organs so they should work the same like everyone else...

Example 2:

[S] I can't lose weight because of my social life
[Y] Do people force you to eat things you don't want?
[S] No, but I don't want to be rude
[Y] Is it rude to communicate your needs?
[S] Well, I guess it's not "rude" but I just feel bad if I say no
[Y] Is saying yes to foods that don't work for your body, in your best interest?
[S] No, but I don't want to offend anyone
[Y] How have people reacted in the past when you've said no?
[S] I guess they just kind of move on to offer the next person the same dish.
[Y] Did they seem offended?
[S] No...

Can you see the sequence?

Now, it's your turn.

Give yourself 5-10 minutes to sit down with a piece of paper and a pen and write down all the reasons why you doubt that getting healthy/losing weight is possible for you.

Then, take a moment to question and disprove each one. Really dig deep, here.

Once you've finished, you should feel a lot more positive about your ability to accomplish your goals.

But, there's still fear and information clarity that we have to cover, for you to feel 100% comfortable with moving forwards.

You can click through here to find out how to clear up subconscious fears you (didn't know you) have about reaching your health goals.

But first, leave a comment: What came up for you?