How to Actually Like Healthy Food

Screen Shot 2016-06-10 at 5.54.15 PM There’s something about seeing a photo of a healthy girl eating a salad that brought out two conflicting emotions in me – on one hand, I envied her silky hair, glowing skin, whitened teeth, and slender body, but on the other I just couldn’t get excited about joining in on the “fun” of eating a salad.

I remember when I tried having more salads or even the first time when I tried a kale smoothie, my facial expression was anything but delighted – it tasted so…so…Bitter. Healthy. Gross.

If you can relate, I want you to realize that there is always a transitional phase. Just because you don’t like that kale smoothie now doesn’t mean you should go running back to having pop-tarts for breakfast and concluding that you’re just not meant to enjoy this “healthy crap”. Now, I'll use green smoothies as an example here but I want you to keep this idea of "transition" in mind when questionable vegetables enter your plate.

For me, I started by doing two things to make green smoothies taste better:

1)    Add organic apple juice instead of water

- Organic Apple juice really helped improve the flavor of the smoothie, especially since my tasted buds were fixed to only liking sweet things, at the time. Over time, as my body became more attuned to vegetables in general, I started reducing the ratio of apple juice to water until I no longer needed the help of the apple juice. Bam! Kale smoothie, delight!

2) I started with lighter colored greens

- Lighter-colored greens such as lettuce were easier to start off with since they aren’t nearly as bitter as darker ones. Over time, once I got used to having lettuce, I switched to spinach and then to kale when I was ready.

I used to be an all-or-nothing kind of person, but don't forget: in order to get from black to white, you have to pass through gray!

What about you? Have you ever rejected “healthy” food without trying different variations? Let me know in the comments!