How Jeans Were Ruining My Life

I always felt like my jeans were judging me. I would wake up in the morning and if they buttoned, then it would be a great day! But if they didn't?! Well, I would still try to suck it in until they buttoned. After all, I would have rather walked around all day with tight jeans that were buttoned than walk around in a comfortable pair that were a size larger - ya feel me?
Fitting Room
One day, I couldn't take it anymore. I decided that I hated jeans, especially because I had developed a ring (an indentation) around my belly from years of wearing tight pants. So, I started wearing skirts.

And WOW! Did this make all the difference! The skirts immediately made me feel more feminine (a given!) and I chose ones that had slight elasticity in the waist so I felt like the skirt was both holding my stomach in as well as allowing "room for error".

I can't tell you how huge of a difference this made to my confidence in myself. I felt like wearing jeans all day was a constant reminder all day long of how I felt about my weight.

Jeans told me whether I was supposed to feel good or not, about whether or not I was allowed to have a donut. But when I wore skirts, I started walking with more confidence and I didn't feel any discomfort on my stomach. We all feel pressure on a day-to-day basis, and the last thing I needed was to feel physical pressure around my waist - but with skirts, I could live my life without this suffocating material dictating how I should feel.

I have to admit that even to this day, after a 40 pound weight loss, I still don't like wearing jeans. Sure, they do look great on - and there will be a day where jeans are most appropriate, like a barbeque. But I still have issues with how they feel like a stiff vacuum. Seems like no matter what my weight is, jeans always make me feel the same: self-conscious.
And you know what? Even a slim person will have mild fluctuation with her weight- it's natural! The last thing you need is a piece of clothing to remind you of those fluctuations. Accepting comfortable clothes, no matter what the size is on the label, is one step closer to feeling comfortable with yourself and taking the anxiety out of dieting.
What about you? Is there an article of clothing that you wear daily that you feel uncomfortable wearing? Leave a comment!