Here's 3 ways to tell if you're really addicted to a food

Last time I checked, I haven't heard of rehab for sugar addicts. Or caffeine addicts. Or food addicts, for that matter (though I have heard of Overeaters Anonymous which works kind of like Alcoholic's Anonymous where you join a group and chat about how to overcome overeating).

But, I often hear people label themselves as a "sugar addict" or "caffeine addict" or "<insert random food here> addict".

Do you label yourself? Here's how to identify how you may be too attached:

1) You can't stop thinking about the food


 Maybe you use it as a reward. Maybe you plan it into their day. But in any case, you can't really seem to focus 100% on your priorities without fantasies of that food sneaking into your brain. Beckoning. Calling out to you in a sultry voice of seduction.
2) When you smell that food, you can't function until you have it
Getting a whiff of said food item is the ultimate distraction - you can't even hear what your friend is saying to you and you just go "uh huh, uh huh, so like sorry to interrupt, but can we go back there and get that? I'm dying for one!" And after you get your fix, you can finally resume the conversation with a clear head.YOYO NO MORE 3-Day Challenge
3) When you don't have it, you feel physically impatient. And when you do have it, you feel ah-maaaaazing. And relaxed.
Before you get your fix, you feel like all of the cells in your body are tense or tired. And getting that food fix feels like all of the cells in your body have eased into a jacuzzi with a mojito. "Aaaaaa". Feels oh-so-good. Oh yeah.
But then, not too long after, you feel tense or tired, again.

Okay, now, here's what it feels like when you don't have an attachment:

1) You hardly ever thing to have that food.
Captain Obvious.
2) When you smell that food, it kind of gives you a headache. 
Passing by a Cinnabon or a Starbucks used to be tantalizing - but now, it just makes you want to get away as fast as you can with a furrow in your brow.
3) When you have too much of said food, you feel gross. 
Remember how I said that a food fix is like when all your cells feel anxious and then calm once you have it? Well, when you don't have an attachment, the feeling is the opposite. You feel perfectly find and normal, whistling to yourself and frolicking in gardens minding your own business (metaphorically, of course - unless you do like to frolic).
Then, when you have too much of that food, you feel like every cell on your body gets b**** slapped, suddenly alert like a kid who got in trouble sneaking around without knowing what she got in trouble for. You can't wait for the high/brain freeze/intense...tension to finally release. You tell yourself you should never do it again - not because you are hooked, but because it just makes you feel horrible. Ick.

So, upon reflection, what do you think? Can you really label yourself as an "addict"? Leave a comment!