Fears You Never Knew You Had About Getting Healthy And Losing Weight

This part 3 of the 4 part series on mindset.
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2) How to clear subconscious doubts about reaching your health goals
3) Fears you never knew you had about getting healthy and losing weight
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The hardest part about having a positive mentality towards your health goals is believing subconsciously that you can. It's so hard to accomplish anything if deep down, you don't really believe you can achieve it!

Last time, we talked about how to clear away doubt. Today, let's talk about how to identify and clear away fears.

Personally, when I had been yoyo dieting before, I remember feeling uncomfortable at a lower weight. In my brain, it was exactly what I wanted, but...it just didn't feel right. Because I couldn't recognize myself in the mirror.

fears you never knew you had about getting healthy and losing weight

I had built an identity around being at a higher weight, so whenever I passed by a mirror and saw a smaller version of myself, I couldn't help but feel that the person staring back was some sort of imposter.

One thing I think people don't realize is that your appearance and how you feel about yourself is connect to your self-identity. If you continue to define yourself as someone who is unhealthy or overweight, then it'll be really challenging to identify with being healthy/slim since it's not part of the definition you created for yourself.

So, what kind of fears are we talking about, here?

It could be something like these (and these are what I've heard directly from women):

  • Fear of getting attention from other people. Imagine someone complimenting you on your outfit - does that make you feel good or awkward? For many people, it makes them feel self-conscious. Even if it's supposed to be a positive experience.
  • Fear of how men will treat you. Do you see attractive women get hit on by sleazy guys and are glad that it doesn't happen to you? Do you fear being treated as an object?
  • Fear of people caring more about your appearance than your intellect. Do you ever see attractive people get taken less seriously? Is that a worry for you?

It could even be fears related to food:

  • "If I get healthy, I can never enjoy ice cream with my friends again"
  • "If I get healthy, partying won't be fun anymore"
  • 'If I get healthy, I'll have to be a slave to the gym"

Like last time, I recommend you sit down for 5-10 minutes with a pen and a piece of paper and write down anything that comes to mind about your worries around losing weight.

What do you worry about giving up? What do you worry will happen when you meet your goal?

The best ways to clear away this fear is two things:

  • Ask yourself if this is an honest fear, or something you needn't worry about. Most of the time, our fears are not anything to hold onto.
  • If you have trouble wondering if it's an honest fear or not, try disproving that fear. Write down several reasons why it's not true.

Alrighty, it's an eye opening challenge for today!

Leave a comment about what came up for you, or, discuss over in the Facebook Group.

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