Does Slim = Snob?

I did a poll and was surprised (at first) to find that a huge percentage of women worry that if they become attractive, people won't want to get to know who they are on the inside. On a conscious level, you might not think that is true about you - but I want you to really ask yourself if this is a real fear for you.

Maybe you've had thoughts, like:

Jealousy: "Oh she looks so pretty!....bitch." Limiting belief: "She can eat whatever she wants and look good, but I can't" Justification that you're better than her: "She probably doesn't eat anything which is so unhealthy. But I'm good to my body because I eat and I work hard."

The problem with these thoughts about attractive women is that you're holding yourself back from becoming the vision that you have of yourself. Because you don't want other people to have the same thoughts about you that you had about other women.

So how can we have both? How can we become the person we want to be - that slender, attractive Diva who you already know exists inside - and still have confidence that the people around you are still going to love you, care about you, and be with you for who you are on the inside and not what you are on the outside.

This is a huge conundrum. 

But it really comes down to focusing on you, and not other women. Because the biggest challenge to changing your body is actually not about making changes to food and exercise - it's about how you perceive yourself. 

And when you start feeding yourself with better quality foods, and putting less stress on your body (less worry, less intense training, less poor quality foods), then your body balances out - because for the first time, you're actually being kind to yourself.

And you start to find this peace. And you realize that the people in your life still love you for who you are, regardless of the changes you have made to your physical appearance.

The only thing that comes from treating yourself well is more love and happiness in your life!

So, what about you? Think hard and tell me in the comments one thing you fear about becoming the slender gal you envision in your mind!