Why's it so hard to eat in moderation?

Man offers woman a donut

You hear it all the time: "Eat what you want, but in moderation."

It sounds so simple, but it's so hard.

You know how to eat in moderation...but then you get a craving and eat too much. And even though you try to allow yourself a small treat, all bets are off when the cookie monster takes over.

When people say "everything in moderation", I imagine a gal sitting there eating something she doesn't like, like a boring salad, along with a teensy bit of what she does like, like a piece of cheesecake.

It's like the cheesecake is a reward for getting through the boring, healthy part of the meal- the part you're obligated to eat so that you can pat yourself on the back.

A lot of women eat foods they don't even like for the sake of being healthy. So when they add in a food they like "in moderation" into the equation, suddenly it becomes the highlight of the meal. Like you're just trying to graze through that soul-crushing salad to get to the land of cupcakes (oops, I mean one cupcake*)

But that's not how you think about meals. You want each part of your meal to be delectable.

What should you be eating in moderation?

Moderation kind of sounds like you have to eat a little bit of both what you don't like and also what you do like in order to balance things out. But we should eat plenty of what we do like, and only moderate amounts of food that are harmful (processed-foods, etc.).

If you're eating a piece of chocolate cake made out of raw ingredients, or perhaps vegan chocolate cake with organic ingredients, then I don't really see this as something you would need to restrict yourself from.

But if you're eating a processed food like a twinkie, then yeah, that's something you want to have in moderation.
What has your experience been like with moderation? Let me know in the comments!