Do you want to be told the answer, or discover it yourself?

Back when I was in high school, I joined a volunteer program to help elementary school kids with their homework.
I really struggled helping this one little girl. The question on her math homework was "19+2=" and she kept on calling out random numbers (like 43 and 72) and saying she "didn't get it". We literally spent twenty minutes on this one problem because she didn't want to actually ask herself how much she would have if she added 2 to 19.
She glared at me as if I was Cruella de Vil's personal assistant, and kept getting more annoyed and frustrated over time because I wouldn't give her the answer.
But this is how it is with yoyo dieters as well, . We keep searching for the answers - and a lot of times, the formulas are everywhere, staring you in the face, ready to help make your life easier.
But you won't really understand lifestyle and food concepts until you actually work on the equations and try to understand how the formulas compute. You first have to start by asking yourself what makes sense. Why does it make sense to you. And that comes from engaging with what you are doing. 
There are ALWAYS simpler ways of breaking formulas down. Maybe you count on your fingers. Maybe you count Barbie dolls. But the point is, as much as you simplify, you still have to engage in order to truly understand the concept.
So don't stand in your own way with getting healthy, anymore. Engage. Take a step - it could be a millimeter - to see how you feel with the concepts you already know, and reflect on how you want to keep it in your life.
Because when you are told an answer, it is just a theory to you. But when you discover the answer through your own understanding, it becomes truth. 
The answer will come from you.
And the sooner you figure it out, the sooner you can go play! :)