Do You Say Yes or No to Cake?

Making selections, especially at the dessert table, is especially hard in social circumstances. If someone was to ask me if I wanted a piece of cake, I couldn’t just answer with a straight “yes” or “no” until I went through all of the thoughts racing through my head.

It went something like this:

Mmmm, that looks good!

Wait no, that’s sooo bad for my diet

But you know what? I worked out today, so I deserve one

But if I have one, it will defeat the purpose of working out, because I’ll probably just stay the same weight

You know what? I don’t get many opportunities to mingle with people like this. Why not just enjoy the moment and have one?!

I’ll just have a small piece to enjoy myself – everything in moderation, you know…

What did I have, multiple personality disorder?!

I think at the end of the day, 90% of the time I would wind up having the cake for whatever reason I justified at the time. And the other 10% of the time when I didn’t agree to having one, I would feel guilty for not having one even though I felt like I accomplished saying “no”.

I remember the many moments when I would stand there going through the options in my brain and someone would tell me, “Katheryn, 1 is not going to hurt – live a little!”

Boy, did this anger me!

How can you say that 1 won’t hurt?! Do you have any idea what I have been through to be on this diet and to fit into this dress and to even be here? If I said that 1 won’t hurt every time I wanted one, I’d be a cow by now!

Anyways, what I want to help you out most with is getting rid of that voice in the back of your mind. There is nothing worse that you can feed yourself than negative thoughts.

A question you might ask yourself is, if eating this piece of cake came with no consequences, would I want to have one? You might be thinking that you’d obviously try to eat them as much as possible, but you will be surprised to find that by taking the attention off of the cake – thus removing it’s power – you might not have any desire for it at all.

I believe that the best feeling in the world is to actually know when you are having an honest craving and when you are not – and if you put a piece of cake (or any of your vices) on a pedestal, it is always going to have some higher power over you and you’ll never really understand if you’re eating it for the sake of having one because you worked out, or if because you truly want one.

What about you? Have you ever had this dialogue in your head, like me? Let me know in the comments!