Do you lie about your eating habits?

Once upon a time, I used to work in a bakery. It was run by a painter named Debra and her son, the pastry chef, Carlos. They teamed up so now Debra uses pastries as her canvas and she makes some of the most beautiful pastry art I have seen. Seriously. (Side note: Debra fell in love with her art teacher who happened to be 30 years older than her, got married, and had Carlos. But that's a juicy story for another time!).
One day, a woman rushed in asking for a scone (if you're wondering what contributed to my 40 pound weight gain, these scones were definitely a factor, ha!). She could have sat down at a table but instead she chose to stand next to one and shove the scone into her mouth while pacing around, antsy.
Meanwhile, she got a phone call from someone and I overheard her say "Yeah, I'm in the car right now driving there. No, I didn't stop anywhere." Huh?
Then, she quickly payed for one more scone to-go and sped off in her car.
The fact that I'm telling you this story, 9 years later , is because it really struck me. Why do we hide from others when we eat amazing foods? Especially foods made with high quality, love, and artistry? 
Sure, I had extra weight on my body. But I decided in that moment that I didn't want her reality to be my own. I'd rather brag on the phone about an amazing scone, sit down and savour every bite, and thank the family for bringing a piece of joy into my life.
If someone else was watching the story of your life with food - like how I watched this woman - what would they see? Would you be happy with what they saw? Shy? Embarrassed?
If you're not happy with the image, what would you want people to see instead? Know that that image is something that you can create!