The chart that helped me lose 40 pounds (and keep it off effortlessly for 7 years)


I saw a food energetics chart like this about 7 years ago and it blew my mind. Consumed me. Helped me lose 40 pounds after years of yoyo dieting. I became obsessed with “food energetics” and it’s the basis of what I’ve been sharing with clients to help them find the eating lifestyle that resonates with them.

I think it’s really unnatural to learn about what foods to pick for your body based on diet science (protein, carbs, calories, etc) if you don’t have any chronic issues, because when you’re at the supermarket you feel like you have to have a list of “acceptable foods” or search on Google about nutritional content before making any purchases.

There’s got to be an easier way of identifying which foods to choose for your body without having to make references or “ask permission from the internet”. And this chart will help you put things into perspective.

 Enter...The Chart.Screen Shot 2016-09-03 at 10.55.17 PM

What you’re looking at is a spectrum of foods from “yin” to “yang”. One of the easiest ways to understand the pattern is to think of how the food grows. For example, on the left, you’ll find tropical fruits which grow in a hot environment, typically high up in a tree.

Meanwhile, as you continue to the middle of the spectrum, the foods start to grow closer to the ground, and then down into the ground (root vegetables) in temperate climates. The spectrum indicates opposite extremes. On the left, these foods are higher in natural sugars where as on the right, higher in protein. On the left, more vitamins where as the right has more minerals. Left, potassium - right, sodium. Cooling vs Warming. Expansion vs Contraction.

The foods in the center digest at a steady, calming pace. Foods on the left digest quickly - foods on the right digest slowly.

Many people who are trying to overcome sugar cravings, yoyo dieting, or heal from chronic conditions can focus on eating foods in the middle of the spectrum. The idea is that by consuming less foods that are taxing to the body in terms of digestive pace, your body is able to heal itself or balance out its weight.

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Then, you can add in foods on all parts of the spectrum without having much issue with weight fluctuations or health issues.

Cool stuff!

Wanna learn more? Make sure you grab 3 additional versions of this chart by clicking, here.