Can Gratitude Change Your Body Chemistry?


One topic that comes up pretty often in the health world is practicing Gratitude. Basically, you can take a journal and write down what you are thankful for every morning, and doing this simple act can set up the rest of your day for the better. But can it change your body chemistry? I usually hear people use a journal as form of therapy where you write down everything that is bothering you so you can get it off of your mind. And I do think that can be therapeutic. But Gratitude can take settling your mind to the next level.

And the reasons why this is recommended goes beyond just acknowledging the good in your life. It can tune you in to the positive sides of situations where only the bad glares back at you. It can help you get rid of old, limiting beliefs. And it can bring even more optimism out of you.

But the reason why I think it's amazing is because it has the potential to change your body chemistry. When we are stressed out, our stress hormones can become imbalanced and that can make weight loss extremely difficult - even if you've been eating salads and counting calories.

Let me give you a made-up scenario:

Bragging: I have the most wonderful life. I have the most fantastic job, I have an amazing boyfriend, and I am enjoying theater classes.

Worried: I'm so stressed out from my job - I mean they pay is great, but there has just been way too much for me to do. Plus, my boyfriend is nice but he doesn't get that I'm tired and I feel like he pressures me to keep doing more. And as much as I was excited about theater class, I totally suck at acting and I hate getting up in front of people.

Your body chemistry reacts to your thoughts.

So if you are constantly thinking as per the second example (worried state), your body chemistry is going to respond in that way. But if you think of the same scenario as per the first example (gratitude), your body will feel calm.

Notice that the scenario hasn't changed. Both examples depict the same reality. But the one you choose to feel is the one that determines your stress levels, which directly impacts your weight.

So without even making changes to your actions or to the situation, simply looking at the bright side can settle your hormones which can make it easier for you to maintain or lose weight.

Crazy, ay!? What are your thoughts? Leave a comment!