Awareness Alone is Not Enough

I hear this idea pop up time and time again: "It's important to have awareness"..."Be aware"..."Be in the present moment". How effective would you say that awareness really is?
Awareness alone isn't enough

Here are the Pros and Cons of Awareness:

Awareness has it's merits -- if you are drawing your attention to a bad habit that you didn't even know existed before, then awareness can be really eye-opening. I remember back when I was doing Weight Watchers (a program similar to counting calories, only they refer to them as "points"), having awareness helped me avoid overeating.

When I wasn't being in the moment, I could easily eat more than what was on my plan, and when I was aware, I would typically eat slower to enjoy my food. Awareness helped me stick to goals and be less likely to avoid pitfalls that could happen mindlessly.

The downside to awareness is that awareness in itself is not enough to really make significant changes to your life. The moment you are distracted, old habits kick into gear --- and we all know that we can't be aware every second of every day. I remember when I had attempted to log all of my meals into a food diary, I was definitely aware of my eating habits. Trust me....I was very very aware of the fact that I was on my 4th cookie, but all awareness did in that particular case was make me feel guilty.

If you really want to make a food lifestyle change, you have to have an "ah-ha" moment that will bring on a habit change so deep that it's sits within your subconscious. Without having to have awareness, you can act according to your true needs.

An ah-ha moment has to be both logical and emotional.

It's when your brain, in one split second, sees either all of the ways you have been living the wrong way, or all of the potential and opportunity for how your life could be. It's the seed that gets planted in your mind that prevents you from going back to your old habits, because they logically and emotionally no longer make sense.

Now, sometimes, awareness IS an ah-ha moment!

I watched the movie Supersize me (which is about a man who gained nearly 30 pounds in 1 month by eating only McDonalds) and never stepped into McDonalds ever again. Just having an eye opening experience to the negative effects of McDonald's impacted me so much that whenever I see one, I can't help but think of the documentary and lose my appetite. The documentary showed facts as well as cause & effect - these points appealed to me both logically and emotionally.

What about you? Have you had an ah-ha moment regarding your food lifestyle? What is a habit that you are trying so hard to kick--- you know it is not good for you but you can't seem to stop? Let me know in the comments!