Are you a food hoarder?

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Have you ever heard of manifesting? Or, the Law of Attraction? It's where you use positive thoughts to attract what you want into your life. And man, I was doing that at a young age with that corn bread. "YOU WILL BE MINE". Like a freaky Valentine.
Have you ever looked at a piece of food on your plate and already wished that you had a second one?
There are two foods in particular that I can think of off the top of my head that I always prematurely wanted more of, and that was corn bread (duh) and cookies.
My mom always made foods in batches of even numbers, so having an odd number of family members meant that there would always be one thing left over - and I always wanted to be the one who took the glory of the last piece.
Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 9.53.21 AM
And well, since I was the youngest, that usually was the case by default, but there was still this worry that it might be "stolen from me" if I didn't pay attention *gasp!*.  It's as if moving that last piece off the family plate and onto my own claimed territory.
You know how in social situations, when you share a plate, there is always that one bite left because no one wants to be the snob who takes the last piece of pleasure? Yeah, that didn't happen when I was around. I was more like a warrior. Announcing claim over the last piece before the meal had even started. Boy, was I obnoxious.
If you can relate on a personal level, then where do you suppose this "hoarder" mentality comes from? It's not like food was scarce or that we couldn't have it again soon, so I wonder where the attachment comes from.
When I was moving out of this mentality, one thing I said to myself - that might help you - is:
"Start with one - you can ALWAYS have another if you want". And by the end of the meal, I'd realize that I didn't want it (or, I'd forget about it, believe it or not). This part was key: "You can ALWAYS have another".
But if there's one thing I want to point out, it's that the desire to "hoard" typically had nothing to do with wanting the food itself on a nutritional level. My body didn't want or need it.
So I want you to ask yourself, do you see this desire to claim territory in other parts of your life?
Are you competitive? Do you worry about the future and try to prepare by overbuying things (like discounted toilet paper incase there's an apocalypse?). Sometimes, these parts of our personality make their way over to our interaction with foods.

And, knowing will help you make decisions on how you want to approach your eating habits in the future!

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