6 Moments We're Deceived into Feeling Fat (When We're Not)

There are so many times throughout the day when you can feel fat. When you wake up, you worry that you ate too much the night before. When you put on your pants, you worry if they'll zip up. After you eat lunch, your pants feel tight and you feel like you ate too much.

The list can really go on and on. But here are some moments when you could feel fat that have nothing to do with actually being fat - so save yourself some grief and find out below what could really be what's happening:

6 Moments we're deceived into feeling fat

1) When you go into a fitting room and clothes don't fit

The reason they don't fit is not because you're fat - they don't fit because the designer was an idiot who didn't realise how awesome your boobs and hips are and decided to use a teenage boy as reference instead of a mannequin. So get clothes that have potential and take it to a tailor who will show you how "not fat" you are.

2) When you have swelling due to muscle cramps.

No, you're not fat. You just need to do a self-massage before you sleep so your body fluids can flow. People usually feel this especially in their calves and ankles. If you're working out a lot but you don't do some body care before bed, you'll likely wake up swollen and feel fat.

3) When you ate something that doesn't agree with you.

Just having an uncomfortable feeling in your stomach can give you this feeling of having gained 20 pounds on the spot. A lot of people get distracted by analysing their fat when what they should be doing is figuring out what is irritating their stomach so they don't eat it (and feel fat) again.

4) When you wake up before you're ready

Many people have to wake up with alarm clocks, way before they are ready to wake up naturally. It's like gravity is trying to keep you in your bed and you have to do everything you can to feel uplifted. And this weight that you feelfrom your body chemistry trying to help you lay down and sleep can easily make you jump to the conclusion that you're fat. But you're not. You just feel heavy because your body knows that your alarm clock sucks and wants you to sleep more.

5) When you have 1 bite of something "naughty" like ice cream.

Actually, you probably don't even feel fat. You just psychologically think you feel fat because you equate the flavor of ice cream (or insert naughty food here ____) with the idea of fatness. It's like you're programmed to think "fat" on any food that is not bland chicken with broccoli. But you're not.

6) When you drink too much water

Have you been following advice that you need to drink a ton of water to stay hydrated? Well, that's totally not the case (and in food energetics, you shouldn't be since it's too cooling to the body). You're not fat - you're just overloading your stomach with liquid!

7) (Yep, I added one.)When you have to go #2 but you haven't, yet

Just go already! There, now you instantly feel slimmer. Pay me.

Is there anything more you can add? Leave a comment :)