5 Ways to Save Money and Still Eat Healthy

One of the 3 most common frustrations I hear from dieters is that being healthy is too expensive. And while most dieters spend their time looking up the next meal or exercise plan they want to try, hoping it'll work, it's really tough for any healthy choices to stick when something like money gets in the way.

Actually, a study found that healthier food options can only cost about $1.50 USD more than usual. So what's really going on that might make you hesitant to buy better quality products?

I don't think the frustration is entirely about having money or not having money. It's about justifying the costs of healthier food options.

So, what I'm writing is from the assumption that you could buy healthier foods, but you're questioning if you should. Let's delve into your food money mindset.

5 ways to save money and still eat healthy

I come across 5 types of food-money mindsets. Which type are you?

You have priorities that you put above your health

"I could buy healthier ingredients...but I want to save up for a new iphone."

You're a Skeptical Trend Follower

"I do have the cash...but does being healthy really mean I have to buy 10 organic ingredients to put into a smoothie?"

You'd rather pay less no matter what:

Why bother spending money on organic groceries when you can grab a cheap meal at McDonalds?

You associate value with volume rather than quality:

"Why pay more for one portion of food at a health cafe when you can get twice as much food for the same price at a Chinese takeaway?"

You live alone:

"I want to buy healthier ingredients, but I live alone and there's just too much left over that goes wasted, regardless of the food quality." 

So you can see by these 5 types, that we have 5 food money mindset topics of discussion:

  • What are your priorities?
  • What do you think you need to buy in order to be healthy?
  • How is money more important in your life than food quality?
  • How do you place value on goods - quality, or volume?
  • How many ingredients does one person need to be healthy?


Tell me in the comments: Which type are you?