5 Signs Your Diet is Ruining Your Relationships

Do you feel like you're not sure how to diet while socializing? Do you worry about the foods you can eat when you're out with friends? Is it more important to avoid relationships altogether for the sake of sticking to your diet?

One of the most challenging things about dieting is not the diet itself. It's about finding a diet that works both for your body and for your social life.

Here are 5 signs that your diet is ruining your relationships:

5 Signs that your diet is ruining your relationships

1) You say "no" when your friends invite you out, because you don't know if there will be anything you can eat on the menu

You have this fear that everything on the menu will be carbs, sugar, and processed foods galore.

Maybe you could order a salad but it still won't have the combination of nutrients you're looking for. Plus, you don't want to be watching your friends eat pizza and be tempted throughout the course of the night.

Rather than forcing yourself to have willpower around temptation, you'd rather just stay home. You're not sure how to have both diet and socializing.

2) You take baggies or tupperware full of food with you to diet while socializing so that you can avoid having any foods offered to you.

When you're invited to a friend's house, a picnic, or any kind of social gathering, you make sure to bring some healthy snacks to eat just in case there isn't anything you can have.

Plus, you're trying to eat small meals throughout the day and are dedicated to staying on track.

3) You never cook food or agree to go to restaurants that your partner, likes

Your partner has been trying to encourage you to eat some of his food. And he bugs you about finishing the food on your plate even though you're not hungry.

You feel like he's forcing you to eat what you don't want to eat, so you decide to just cook yourself your own food. When he wants to take you to his favorite restaurant, you decline, getting annoyed and reminding him of your diet.

4) You cancel plans with friends because you need to stay on track with your workout program and are committed to exercise.

Your friend invited you out for Friday night, but your cheat day isn't until Saturday. Plus, you have been going to the gym every day to work on your physique, and you don't want to get off track.

You decide that you'll make it up to your friend next time (on a Saturday, of course) and choose to stay home and work for what you want. You would rather stick to your plan than try to figure out how to diet while socializing.

5) You tell your family that you're on a diet and they worry about what to make for you

Maybe you're vegan. Or Paleo. High carb, low carb, high fat, no fat (no...food?!). Whatever it is, your family can't keep up with what your current diet is.

And frankly, your mom is worried about what she can make you, because she wants to make your favorite meals and make you happy but she doesn't know if she'll be sabotaging your diet, and she wants to keep your best interests at heart.

Do any of these sound familiar?

I had a chat with a woman a few years back who was an avid traveller, and she was always fit despite her hectic schedule. I asked her if she worried about sticking to a diet and exercise routine, and how she could manage to stay healthy despite all of the irregularities.

She told me some great advice, which I'll share with you.

No matter where you travel to, or what restaurants you go to, you'll always be able to find a grain, local fruit, local vegetables, and meats. And that's so true.

It doesn't matter what restaurant you're in or what part of the world you are in, there are always going to be some combination of these basic ingredients.

You can always initiate fun activities with your friends that focus around the foods you want to have. Invite them to your favorite cafe, have them over at your place, or pick an activity that doesn't involve food.

Learn how to communicate so you can diet while socializing

Communication is so important when it comes to starting a diet, and that's something we cover in an entire module in FOODBOSS.

 It gets overlooked and people start thinking that they don't have willpower when it really is about understanding what you want and how to communicate that to others.

While it would certainly be easier to learn more about what diet works for you if you could avoid counter-productive situations, don't forget that isolation is not a requirement!

What social challenges have you faced, while being on a diet? Leave a comment!