3 Ways to Align Your Subconscious with Your Greatest Intentions

This is part 1 of the 4 part series on Mindset
1) 3 ways to align your inner beliefs with your greatest health intentions
2) How to clear subconscious doubts about reaching your health goals
3) Fears you never knew you had about getting healthy and losing weight
4) 3 clues to overcome overwhelm about what health information applies to you
Bonus: Exclusive Interview on how to use the Law of Attraction to reach your health goals

Have you ever heard people tell you that success is all about mindset?

Well...what does that even mean? Just believe you can, and it'll happen?

Unfortunately for me, dreaming and thinking positively about getting healthy didn't stop me from bingeing. It's like that positivity was intertwined with willpower, and at one point, the tension breaks. And you're back at square one.

3 Ways to Align Your Subconscious with your greatest intentions

Here's the problem most people have:

  1. Logically, they want to achieve their goals and can visualize it happening

  2. But deep down on the inside, subconsciously, they don't really believe it can actually happen

How are you supposed to make your subconscious/soul get on board with your conscious goals? You can tell yourself over and over and over that you can meet your goals, but how do you get rid of any doubt, fears, or overwhelm?

It all comes down to this:

  1. Clearing doubt (that your body can change despite past diets not working)

  2. Clearing fears (Is the weight protecting you from something? Will you feel "exposed" if you start getting attention about your body?)

  3. Clearing information (having confidence that the method you're choosing is the right one for you)

Do you think you can stick to a system for life if you never believe deep down that you deserve it? Probably not.

I'm going to delve into each of these in the links above, so you can have some clear tips on what to do about it.

But first, I want to hear from you: have you ever experienced this before? What doubts, fears, or lack of clarity do you think is holding you back?

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