3 Leading Causes of Food Cravings + How to Get in Control of Them for Good

Have you ever had one cookie and then felt some kind of supernatural force take over your body and shove twelve more into your mouth? Oh, the joys of having cravings.

I remember thinking that the word "craving" was only used when you want junk food. And I remember being confused one time when my friend said that she craved an orange.

An orange?! How could anyone possibly "crave" healthy food? Don't you just go back and forth between wanting something salty to wanting something sweet?

I couldn't fathom the idea that my body could actually crave the foods I had been trying to force myself to have for the sake of being healthy.

I thought that this was what separated me from those slim gals who can eat pizza without gaining weight, because they were usually the same gals who equally craved fruits and veggies.

3 Leading Causes of Food Cravings and How to Get In Control of Them for Good

So, what exactly is your body telling you when you do have cravings? Well, let's start here:

There are actually 3 kinds of cravings:

1) Nutritional

This is when your body is lacking in a certain nutrient, and tells you what it needs by giving you a craving. You'll know when you're having a nutritional craving when you feel the urge to have healthy foods like fruit.

The first vegetable I had a deep craving for was cabbage. And when you crave cabbage, you know something is working properly with your body + mind connection!

2) Chemical

This is when your body has a chemical imbalance. Maybe you have a lot of stress in your life that's causing your hormones to go out of whack. Or, maybe you have an overgrowth of bad bacteria in your gut that is screaming for sugar.

If you have felt uncontrollable urges for sugar some days, where as other days you feel like you can control yourself and have willpower to get through the day, then you might want to check and see if you have a Candida overgrowth.

No worries, your sugar lovin' habit is not a reflection of your character - you can totally get rid of the Candida.

3) Emotional

Emotional cravings are probably something you're more familiar with. Maybe you were anxious and had to munch on a bag of chips. Maybe you were sad after a break up and stuffed chocolate into your face.

Emotional cravings are ones that really take a refection of our lifestyle to overcome. Some gals don't think that leaving their jobs is the answer to losing 20 pounds, but if your boss makes you feel horrible and you're eating away your feelings, then the very answer to a 20 pound weight loss could be finding a job that makes you happy.

So, how can you transition to having only nutritional cravings?

The best way I've found is to focus on eating foods closer to the center of the food energetics chart. If you haven't learned about food energetics yet nor seen that chart, then definitely check out this free video series, here.

It's much more fascinating to learn how to change your cravings altogether rather than try to force yourself to have willpower for the rest of your life!

How about you, what kinds of cravings have you been having? Leave a comment!