3 Common Mistakes That Prevent Weight Loss

Most people who are trying to lose weight focus on the these two things: diet and exercise.
And if you're not succeeding, maybe you feel like you have to do more. More portion control, more time in the gym. And you just become hungry and exhausted and frustrated.
But if you're having trouble losing weight, it could really be the little things that are holding you back. The things you do without even realizing that they could be putting stress on your body.
Here are 3 common mistakes you might be making that stress out the body and prevent weight loss:

1) Not going to the bathroom when you have to go

Ignoring your natural urges to go to the bathroom can make it difficult for weight loss. Seriously. Have you ever said to yourself, "Ugh, I hate public restrooms. I'll just wait until I get home."?
There are lots of reasons why you might not be going #2 when Mother Nature calls. Maybe your boss was in the middle of giving a lecture and you didn't want to interrupt.
Maybe you're visiting someone else's home and you don't want to risk there being any smells or track marks left behind in their toilet. Or, maybe you're on a date and you don't want your date wondering what is taking you so long in the bathroom (umm...you were totally putting on lipstick, of course. Totally.).
If you force yourself to hold in your poo (I like to say "pupu", with a French accent. Because I think it sounds prettier.), your body starts to reabsorb the fluids that are in the stool.
That means that the next time you go, it'll be super painful trying to push that bad boy out. Plus, who knows what else your body is reabsorbing from that stool - can't be anything great considering it was trying to get rid of the turd in the first place.
So do yourself a favor and go when ya gotta go. Because no amount of fiber and water that you add to your diet will help the fact that you aren't going when you need to.
Having regular bowel movements = getting one step closer to a balanced body. Because weight loss is a byproduct of regular bowel movements.
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2) Eating foods that are out of season

It's the middle of summer at the moment and I went to the supermarket and found a whole section of apples. Back when I was overweight, I probably wouldn't have thought twice about buying them because hey, they're apples. They're healthy, right?
Well, from a food energetics perspective, no. They're not really that great for you. Because foods affect the body in terms of temperature, meaning that foods can either heat up or cool off the body.
So for example, mangoes grow in tropical environments where it's hot outside - they're designed to cool off the body in a hot environment. So eating mangoes when it's snowing outside is going to put stress on your body because your body is trying to keep itself warm whereas you're cooling it off with mangoes.
It's pretty tough to filter out all the information that gets thrown your way at the supermarket. But an easy thing you can do is print a list of foods that grow in your climate and in your season and cross check that with the foods that are in your local supermarket. Getting one step closer to a balanced weight involves eating seasonally.
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3) Killing it at the gym

Have you been doing high-intensity training in an effort to "blast fat" and burn high calories, because you think that putting in more effort will result in more reward? Do you try to fit short, high intensity workouts into your busy schedule?

If you push your body too much, you'll create the kind of stress that burns quick energy rather than the fat that is stored on your body.

Next thing you know, you can't wait to burst through the kitchen door and find anything you can eat, and you feel like you can't have a conversation with anyone until you have re-fueled.

You might also find yourself eating more than you normally need, but you can't really tell until it's too late and you've cleaned off your plate.

The most effective kind of exercise involves more controlled breathing. It could be taking a walk, doing yoga, or lifting weights slowly and controlled. When your breathing is steady, your body feels like it is safe, and it'll start burning your stored fat. When you get home, you'll feel comfortably hungry - not ravenous.

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Sometimes, the easiest things you can do to achieve weight balances is to make things easier for yourself, instead of trying to put more effort and work into losing weight. Go with the flow, poop when you have to, eat what grows in your area, and do exercises that are calming.

How have these points applied to you? Leave a comment!