3 Clues to clear overwhelm about what health information applies to you

This is part 4 in the mindset series:
1) 3 Ways to align your subconscious with your greatest intentions
2) How to clear subconscious doubts about reaching your health goals
3) Fears you never knew you had about getting healthy and losing weight
4) 3 clues to overcome overwhelm about what health information applies to you
Bonus: Exclusive Interview on how to use the Law of Attraction to reach your health goals

Alrighty, so in this series we talked about how one of the hardest things about accomplishing your health goals is mindset: getting that inner critic to be on board with your positive intentions.

And, we talked about how to clear away doubts and fears that fuel this inner critic.

Now, it's time to talk about the last part that holds us back, and that is: information overload!

3 clues to clear overwhelm about what health information applies to you

You can be as positive as you want to be about making changes, but if you don't know what to actually implement, then it's almost impossible to move forward without starting/stopping or running in circles.

So, how can you have confidence that you're making the right choices for yourself, when all of the diet information out there conflicts with each other?

Well, we have to identify what we can trust.

  1. Nature: Do you think Mother Nature wants you to be unhealthy? Nope! Choosing local, seasonal produce and prioritizing quality is something you can trust.
  2. Body function: What goes in, must come out. How's the quality of your stool? How's the quality of your skin? How's the quality of your sleep? If you feel any discomforts or have any irregularities, then that's a sign that something in your function needs to be fixed or attended to. Our choices should be relative to what we need to balance in our bodies.
  3. How you feel: Does the food taste good/bad? Does it make you feel bloated or do you feel fine? Do you feel tired or energized? Believe it or not, choosing the options that make you feel good are almost always the ones that help you balance your body.

Nature gives you clues. Your body gives you clues. Your feelings give you clues. Are you ignoring these?

If so, shifting your focus away from modern diets and onto these clues is going to give you a lot more clarity on the right steps you need to take for body balance.

Even if you stick 100% to a diet plan, it still might not be addressing these clues - and the clues are what determine if we can stick to our plan long term or if we need a lot of willpower and putter out short term.

Wow, we sure did cover a lot in this series! How are you feeling? Leave a comment about what's come up for you, or discuss over in the Facebook Group :)