2 Ways to Crave the Foods That Make You a Total Babe

Can you really eat what you want and not gain weight?

My short answer to this is: yes, it's totally possible.

Eating what you want and not gaining weight is not about eating junk food and then praying in a closet that you won't see it show up on your body (and perhaps, your prayers do come true when you can't see it - but it's still there, lurking on your behind).

But the answer is pretty simple: All you gotta do is change what you like.

Whoa, whoa! Don't go running away on me! :)
The biggest difference between when I was 40 pounds overweight and now is that my cravings have changed. And the reason why I can eat what I want and not have weight issues now is because I actually crave all those foods you're told to eat on your diet plan (and no, I didn't wind up liking them from following diet plans...keep reading! ).

I actually wake up looking forward to lemon water, and sometimes I even crave cabbage for dinner. If you told me years ago that I'd actually like lemon water or cabbage, I would have thought you're cray-cray.

There are 2 things you need to know to go from liking foods that make you frown to liking foods that make you a total babe.

1) Your body only craves what it knows

You can't will yourself to wake up one day craving carrots if you've been avoiding them from the moment you had your first taste.

It doesn't matter how many foods are out there that can give your body what it needs, because your body doesn't know to crave them.

The way you get your body to crave things like carrots is to introduce it enough times into your system, until your body realizes what it can get from the carrot. Then, you'll wind up having moments where your body will start to yell, "Carrots! Now."

And continuing to use carrots as an example, you don't have to munch on just carrot sticks, only - try carrots that are prepared in different ways. Carrot juice, grilled carrots, stewed carrots, fried carrots. The flavor and textures change each time you change up the method of preparation - and you might find one that you like, even though you never liked carrots before.

So the moral of the story is that you have to give your body a chance to understand what nutrients it can get from foods by eating a little over time until you get a sense of how your body feels.  Instead of having one taste and rejecting that food, give yourself some time to experiment. And if you still don't like it, then you don't have to eat it!

Tip: buy organic. There's tons of reasons why it's great to buy organic, but the main one to sell you on is that... they just taste better. So if you want to increase your potential for liking foods, pick the ones that actually have flavor in the first place.

2) You need to trade one experience for a similar experience.

In the wise words of Chloe Coscarelli, (an awesome Vegan chef), people only really care about flavor and texture.

It doesn't matter if I go on and on about the benefits of tomatoes ---If you hate the flavor, and if the seedy slimy texture makes you cringe, then you're not going to eat it. And you have to have the confidence to say that it's not for you, regardless of whatever diet expert told you to eat it for weight loss.

Food has properties - textures, smells, visual appearance, flavors. If you've ever tried having a piece of fruit instead of cake because you're trying to be healthy, it's tough to satisfy your craving because the two foods are completely different in taste and texture.Cake is fluffy, baked, soft. Fruits are watery, sourysweet, and textured. Trading cake for fruit is not a trade off that leaves you feeling fulfilled.

If you want to have a better transition to healthier foods, then try looking for foods that have the same properties. Maybe you like creamy textures - nut milks and avocados also have a thick creamy texture. Maybe you like the taste of sweet foods - hey, sweet potato is a sweet food.

Creamy does not have to equal milk. Sweet does not have to equal sugar.

What foods do you have a tough time staying away from? Ask yourself if you're craving the food itself, or a property of the food. Is there something else you could trade it for? Let me know in the comments!