2 Reasons & Remedies for Vivid Dreams and Restless Sleep

I had the weirdest vivid dream, last night. I went to school and it was just before exam week - only, I couldn't recognize any of the buildings, where my classroom was, or any of my teachers' faces.

Each time I managed to find where I was supposed to be, the teacher announced that we'd be tested on all of the information from the entire semester, and I couldn't even remember the material. Yikes!

One teacher in particular seemed to hate me. She made me leave the classroom, locked the door behind me, and after class let out she came out and said I'm never going to succeed in school. 

Have you ever had these dreams that feel so weird, but so real at the same time?

Vivid Dreams and Restless Sleep

There's a couple reasons why you might have dreams like this:

  1. You're under stress or having something pending on your mind
  2. You ate a big meal, right before bed

Let's talk about how to remedy, both:

A lot of women I speak with say that they don't get much sleep.

Part of the reason is because their job is so demanding that by the time they get home, it's already late, and they wind up doing other odds and ends before bed and wind up getting to sleep really late. 

The other reason is because they have so much on their minds, they aren't able to get quality sleep. They toss and turn and can't really sleep peacefully like a baby. 

I have a few suggestions for restlessness:

  1. Have a calming herbal tea before bed
    1. You want to help your body relax and unwind. The herbs will be very calming, and the warm water itself is very relaxing to the body. 
  2. Do some stretches with a focus on your breathing
    1. Stretching and Breathing help you calm your mind. The point isn't really about getting in exercising, but about slowing yourself down and creating a restful environment.
  3. Journal out all of your thoughts
    1. Keep a journal with you if you have a lot of thoughts on your mind. Simply writing them all down takes a huge weight off of your brain, because you have the relief in knowing that you can just reference your journal the next day instead of worrying about forgetting anything. I wrote more about different kinds of things to write in your journal, here

Now let's talk about vivid dreams

If you eat something that's particularly difficult to digest, right before bedtime - like, let's say, a big greasy cheese burger with fries, then you're likely going to be having memorable dreams. 

Most of the time, we forget about our dreams shortly after we wake up. But these kinds of dreams are the ones you remember for a long time because they were really intense.

Like, you were spiderman trying to save the city from bad guys. Or maybe you were running away from something and were jumping from rooftop to rooftop, until you missed a step and started falling. 

You get the picture.

One of the best ways to prevent this is to, well, not have a big heavy meal right before bedtime. 

As a rule of thumb, you don't want to eat maybe 2-3 hours before you plan to go to sleep. So if you're eating within an hour or two of bedtime, definitely opt for something a bit more easy on the body, like a warm soup. 

No need to eat something light and raw like a salad, because that won't necessarily help you sleep better (you can read more why you shouldn't have salads for dinner if you want to lose weight, here).

Focus on warmth and ease of digestion. 

Alrighty, those are my tips for preventing restless sleep and vivid dreams. You're a busy woman - you don't have time to skimp on your beauty sleep! Try these out and get those zzz's

How're your sleep patterns? Leave a comment!